Friday, July 05, 2013

Trapped in Hell

It has been over a year since a coup took place in our land. The Dear and Fearless Leader was overthrown by his brother, the Feared and Peerless Leader. In that time, our rights as citizens have consistently been stripped.

You may not have heard much coming from our country since Rob Oakton penned a scathing report on conditions here after the coup. That is partly because Rob Oakton was found hung from a lamp post, devoid of his clothes, a stern message to potential critics callously carved into his bare torso. The words- words I see every time I close my eyes- read "Don't speak." Blood cascaded from Rob Oakton's naked body for all in the country to see.

Rob Oakton's family and closest friends were shipped to a concentration camp. No one knows more, but the horror stories we here from the camps are enough to make the majority of the population contemplate suicide just to avoid that dreadful fate.

So no one speaks. And the world is ignorant of our plight.

There is no electricity, so we can't possibly tell the world even if we wanted to. It's impossible to use a phone in the country. The power lines have been cut and the network has been blocked. We aren't able to watch television and the batteries necessary to listen to the radio have all been used up and there are no more available in stores. We have no idea what is happening int he world out there.

I hope this letter reaches someone who can publicize it. I can't begin to explain the path this letter must take for that to happen. Countless individuals are putting their lives, and those of their loved ones, at great risk.

Part of me dreams of the publicity that comes with being the one who notifies the world of this hell, but I don't dare put my name anywhere near this page. In fact, I've written this letter with gloves on so my fingerprints won't be anywhere near it.

If there is a god in heaven, please bring us a savoir and save us from this nightmare!

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