Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For The Love Of Hate: The Riccio-Hale Story

A group of charismatic opinionated leaders gathered for the National Konvention for Koncerned Kaucasians (N-KKK) . Unbeknownst to the rest of the members, emotions were brewing between two participants.

The eyes of Bill Riccio, a member of Birmingham's KKK among other groups, kept wandering the room hoping to catch the eyes of another. Bill wished that Matthew Hale, the leader of the Creativity Movement, would speak. It would be an excuse to stare at those luscious lips and gaze into those heavenly eyes.

What Bill didn't know was that the same emotions were welling up in Matt's body. Their eyes searched the room, always with the intent of eventually reaching each other. Then Matt spoke, giving a particularly heinous anti-gay speech as Bill's heart fluttered, his male anatomy extending with anticipation. Matt was done; Bill forced himself to look away.

Then the moment happened. Their eyes met. Their probably blue eyes locked and their lives would never be the same.

After the conference ended, Bill timed it so that he would accidentally bump into Matt. His nerves made his bosom jiggle. Bill's shoulder scraped Matt's back. Matt turned and was shocked; there before his eyes was the epitome of beauty, Bill Riccio.

Bill tried to say something, anything, but his throat had gone dry, "Um.. I loved your speech about [anti-black slur]."
"Oh, thanks. You really stuck it to those [several anti-Jew slurs in a row]. I loved the way you showed how they [anti-Jew rhetoric] and use that money to help those [anti-black slurs] and promote a [anti-gay slur] lifestyle," Matt complimented.
Bill was overcome with glee. He attempted to compose himself. "Coming from you, that means a lot."
"Well it's the truth," Matt replied, "Do you... I don't know... want to get together sometime? You know, to talk about the movement, I mean."
Bill could hardly contain himself. "Of course. I want to! Uh, to talk about the movement."

Life is hard and lonely for today's vicious racist. It seems that no one understands their struggle. This was a feeling that Matt and Bill knew all too well. They could sense the empathy of each other's eyes. They scheduled to meet three weeks after the N-KKK. Bill thought about the forthcoming meeting everyday. Matt was confused at first. He knew homosexuality was wrong. But this truth seemed less certain now. He couldn't fight this urge. He had to let his inhibitions go. Waking up to thoughts of Bill, Matt slowly moved his hand southward and began imagining that it was Bill's hand instead. If only.

The day of the meeting arrived. Matt washed his body vigorously in his hotel room, hoping with good reason. Bill couldn't wait to meet his mentor. He noticed that his penis had seemed to wake up from a deep slumber over the previous three weeks. Bill wasn't sure what the sudden awakening was about. But he knew he wanted to see the man who had sparked his love of hating different groups of people, Matthew Hale.

"Hey Bill. Great place you got here. Really conducive for cultivating a pure white culture."
"Thanks Matt. New haircut? Very Hitler-like." Both men's hearts raced. Blood ran to places that they wouldn't have expected one short month before. Bill was looking forward to discussing white power, but pleasant, yet unwelcome images of Matt in all his naked glory kept creeping into his head. Matt wasn't sure how to profess his attraction for Bill. He understood the consequences of his feelings for Bill, but he was a slave to his heart.

They sat across from each other at a table and attempted to get down to business. "So the [anti-Muslim slur] is attempting to infiltrate this white country," Matt remarked, praying that his ankle would touch Bill's under the table. Bill tried to concentrate, but Matt's pure vanilla face looked so delicious. "Yeah, the [anti-gay slur, even though he was referring to Muslims] are the new [anti-black slur]. Now they own stores like the [anti-Chinese slur, but I think he meant an anti-Korean slur. I'm just saying, you don't know the context, I do]." Their legs accidentally touched and both were in ecstasy. Bill still fought his urges.

Before they knew what happened, they were holding hands, conversing about having sex with pure white women. Matt scooted his chair next to Bill on his left. Bill was conflicted. His heart jumped out of his chest and into Matt's body, but his head knew this was wrong. He felt awkward. Vulnerable to Matt's advances. Matt reached over with his left and placed his hand on Bill's thigh. Matt stroked it with his index finger while whispering that the Holocaust never happened [yet they worship Hitler for killing so many Jews, I don't get that], periodically blowing into Bill's ear. Bill began playing with the back of Matt's left hand. Matt's right hand began rubbing Bill's back, occasionally slipping below. Bill felt the battle between his throbbing stick of white pride and his anti-gay heritage. He wished he didn't want it. Or he wished he could simply let go and allow Matt to lick his body like a horse with a sugar cube.

Matt moved his hand up Bill's thigh, and slowly reached glory. After a few seconds of delight, Bill stood up, his erection clearly apparent. "I can't do this Matt. I'm sorry. I'm not a [anti-gay slur] like those [anti-Jew slur]. It's not right."

Matt stood up slowly, compassionately. He placed his hands on Bill's shoulders and hugged him. They then stared into each other's eyes. "Bill, you know we can't fight it. You have to do what's in your white heart. Listen to your Aryan heart my brother." Then Matt moved closer to Bill. Their lips touched ever so slightly. And Matt moved away. Before he could get far, Bill grabbed him and their tongues swirled around each other. They exchanged white saliva for over a minute, moving their hands up and down each other’s bodies, exploring like a puppy in a new surrounding.

First Matt took off his shirt and then he freed Bill of his. And well, you get the picture. They had sex.


Joel said...

that might be the funniest thing I've ever read... I don't even know where to begin.
I just saw that Bill Riccio documentary like 2 weeks ago so that makes it extra special... it sure was nice of him to let all those young confused teen boys stay at his house...

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was truly special. I am sure you will get some death threats, but it will probably be worth it.

nicteis said...

God allowed all those stupid Penthouse Letters columns to exist, because in Her wisdom She knew that you would eventually come along with this parody.

Now that its divine purpose is fulfilled, I hope there's a bolt of righteous lightning headed in Guccione's direction.

P said...
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P said...

This was just great! Bill Riccio loved it too...

Anonymous said...

yall dont know what the fuck yall are talking about Bill riccio is the coolest mother fucker ive ever met just becaus eyall are to big a pussy to do anything about what yall bleive you nigger loving race traders SUCK A DICK FAGS.

Anonymous said...

That would be traitor, not trader you illiterate bigot.

knibilnats said...

Just a few points

- Hitler was German, but even he would be ashamed of your inability to write English.
- I did a lot of research and yep, you probably meant to say race traitor; that makes a lot more sense.
- Assuming that you meant race traitor: I'm a filthy Jew, which last I checked, neo-nazis don't consider the same species, let alone race, as themselves.
- I'm a better anti-Semite than you. It's time to find a new life's passion.
- I know at least a few other comments here are from "non-white" people too, so we're not race traitors.
- I condemn your racist remark, it has no place in intellectual or any other discourse.
- I condemn your homophobic slur against Bill Riccio and Matthew Hale. Clearly, you sir are the one who doesn't know Bill Riccio at all!

Anonymous said...

I no big badazz billie and he as queer as all fukin get out. I lived with this flaming homosexual.I watched as he blew Scott Clements and Jamie Crumley . He sucked them dry! They all sucked eachother regularely. All you negro lovers have a great day.

Anonymous said...

The story was fuking great and I believe it to be true.Bill gets to looking real freaky when he gets horny cause i witnessed it when jamie was fondling him.He blew his load on Jamie s cheek and they giggled like little girls !

Anonymous said...

I saw him get railed by a team of gorillaz in a barn.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Weaver was his lover for atleast 4yr. Kevin would break in houses ,so that they could buy cocaine and stay up for days fuking and sucking. They would stay in the house and invite children "boys " over to play also. These are sick individuals. The worst part are the people that were robbed not the sex "LOVE that was made.!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Stanford is the only girl if you want to call her that the Bill ever screwed. She sucked hiss ball out his ass one night as Weaver sat by jealously wachting. Poor WEAVER WAS Bone hard stroking his cock in front of everyone and couldnt get off cause he was soo fuking high!

PABSone said...

From the first time I saw the documentary involving this fruit and his "organization" I knew he was a cum dumpster...pretty standard in the white power movement, right?

He is a perfect argument AGAINST white supremacy. Dude failed at life, and is co-signing other's "I will fail at life pledge"...