Thursday, March 31, 2016

DC to Tokyo

We made it to Tokyo, but it wasn't a smooth trip. We decided not to sleep before the shuttle picked us up at 5:15. We hoped we'd fall asleep on the plane rides over.

We did fall asleep a little on the way to Denver. Those seats were a litlle cramped, which is saying a lot because we're tiny. The ride to Tokyo was far worse.

We got the last seats on the plane. This made it more difficult fir my wife to get to, but the was the least of our problems. The seats didn't recline far enough. We're short, so the seats' extra neck padding poked up in the back of the neck. There was constant chatter from the bathroom area. There was a dog in cargo that kept barking. And there were the babies.

Normally babies don't bothe  me on planes. But these babies screeched constantly, whether happy or sad. The babies must have had a screech-like snore. The plane ride was not smooth. There a few moments when the plane shook wildly.

I couldn't sleep and felt worse and worse. I usually feel a little nauseous on flights, and this was no exception. Towards the end though, I motioned to my wife for the barf bag and repeatedly threw up a stomch-full of oranged juice.

Immigration was chaos. The line was so long. We went to a much shorter wheelchair line, got our, bag, and went through customs, accidentally smuggling a package of illegal cured turkey pepporoni.

We found all the right train stuff because my wife had done the research. We couldn't exchange our JR train voucher for the pass, because the line was too long. We saw the bamboo forests on the outskirts of Tokyo, but I still didn't feel well.

We found the hotel and had fun experiencing the bidet in our tiny souped up room. I've always talked a big bidet game, but this was my first experience. Then we slept for 8 hours, woke up and slept 5 more.