Saturday, January 07, 2017

NFL Playoff Predictions

Check out what the playoff matchups would look like if the NFL did things in a fairer way.

Seattle over Detroit 17-9
Green Bay over NY Giants 35-31

Seattle over Atlanta 24-20
Dallas over Green Bay 31-21

Seattle over Dallas 20-13

Pittsburgh over Miami 38-10
Houston over Oakland 13-3

New England over Houston 45-3
Kansas City over Pittsburgh 24-15

New England over Kansas City 27-24 OT

Super Bowl LI
Seattle over New England 31-27

Friday, January 06, 2017

NFL's New Format Final Standings

If the NFL moved back to two divisions per conference, we would get fairer and more exciting playoff games.

NFC South and East
1) Dallas 13-3
2) Atlanta 11-5
3) NY Giants 11-5
4) Tampa Bay 9-7
5) Washington 8-7-1
6) New Orleans 7-9
7) Philadelphia 7-9
8) Carolina 6-10

NFC North and West
1) Seattle 10-5-1
2) Green Bay 10-6
3) Detroit 9-7
4) Minnesota 8-8
5) Arizona 7-8-1
6) LA Rams 4-12
7) Chicago 3-13
8) San Francisco 2-14

The playoff seeding would look like this:
1) Dal, 2) Sea, 3) Atl, 4) NYG, 5) GB, 6) Det.

The Wild Card round would look like this:
3) Atl 11-5 vs. 6) Det 9-7; 4) NYG 11-5 vs. 5) GB 10-6.

Instead of this:
3) Sea 10-5-1  vs. 6) Det 9-7; 4) GB 10-6 vs. 5) NYG 11-5.

The Giants would have a home game under the new system as they should. They have a better record than Green Bay. Seattle sewed up the West weeks ago, so their record is a little misleading.

AFC North and East
1) New England 14-2
2) Pittsburgh 11-5
3) Miami 10-6
4) Baltimore 8-8
5) Buffalo 7-9
6) Cincinnati 6-9-1
7) NY Jets 5-11
8) Cleveland 1-15

AFC South and West
1) Kansas City 12-4
2) Oakland 12-4
3) Denver 9-7
4) Houston 9-7
5) Tennessee 9-7
6) Indianapolis 8-8
7) San Diego 5-11
8) Jacksonville 3-13

The playoff seeding would look like this:
1) NE, 2) KC, 3) Oak, 4) Pit, 5) Mia, 6) Den.

The Wild Card round would look like this:
3) Oak 12-4 vs. 6) Den 9-7; 4) Pit 11-5 vs. 5) Mia 10-6.

Instead of this mess:
3) Pit 11-5 vs. 6) Mia 10-6; 4) Hou 9-7 vs. 5) Oak 12-4.

It doesn't make any sense that Houston that won 3 fewer games- in a weaker division- has a home playoff game against Oakland.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

New NFL Format Update

Check out last week's explanation of a potentially much fairer division breakdown in the NFL.

Current AFC standings:
1) NE 11-2
2) KC 10-3
3) Pit 8-5
4) Hou 7-6
5) Oak  10-3
6) Den 8-5

AFC in New Format:
1) NE 11-2
2) KC 10-3
3) Oak 10-3
4) Pit 8-5
5) Den 8-5
6) Mia 8-5

Right now, Oakland would have to travel to Houston in the Wild Card round to face a team with 3 fewer wins! The new format is much fairer. It also would be more exiting. Seven teams are between 8-5 and 6-7 and would all have a shot at the last 3 playoff spots. As it is, the Colts at 6-7 have a significantly better chance to make the playoffs as the 4th seed than Buffalo at 6-7 does as the 6th seed, which makes no sense.

Current NFC standings:
1) Dal 11-2
2) Det 9-4
3) Sea 8-4-1
4) Atl 8-5
5) NYG 9-4
6) Tam 8-5

NFC in New Format:
1) Dal 11-2
2) Det 9-4
3) NYG 9-4
4) Sea 8-4-1
5) Atl 8-5
6) Tam 8-5

The Giants just beat the best team in the league. They did not improve their seed in the current format and have virtually no hope of finishing better than the 5th seed because of the absurdity of the current format. That means the Giants wouldn't get a home game int he Wild Card round even if they went 12-4 as long as Dallas wins or ties one game. In the new format, the Giants moved up to 4th and could realistically finish as high as 3rd. The new format is much fairer.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

New NFL Format

It's time to revive my annual crusade to change the NFL playoff format by combining division, Here's the plan: The NFC South and East divisions would be combined. The NFC North and West would be another division. In the AFC, the North and East would come together and so would the AFC South and West.

Teams in the same current divisions would play each other twice while teams would play the other four teams in their new division once. Four games would be played against teams in the opposing conference in the same current four year rotation. The remaining two games would be against teams in the same conference but different division.

Current AFC standings:
1) NE 10-2
2) KC 10-3
3) Bal 7-5
4) Hou 6-6
5) Oak  10-3
6) Den 8-4

AFC in New Format:
1) NE 10-2
2) KC 10-3
3) Oak 10-3
4) Den 8-4
5) Bal 7-5
6) Mia 7-5

Right now, Oakland would have to travel to Houston in the Wild Card round to face a team with 4 fewer wins! Denver would also have a better record than its opponent, but have to go on the road for its Wild Card game. The new format is much fairer.

Current NFC standings:
1) Dal 11-1
2) Sea 8-3-1
3) Det 8-4
4) Tam 7-5
5) NYG 8-4
6) Atl 7-5

NFC in New Format:
1) Dal 11-1
2) Sea 8-3-1
3) Det 8-4
4) NYG 8-4
5) Tam 7-5
6) Atl 7-5

The NFC is not as utterly ridiculous as the AFC. We have the right teams, just in the wrong order.Tampa Bay would get a home game in the playoffs despite having a worse record than the Giants.
Also, let's look at the NFC West race now:
1) Sea 8-3-1
2) Ari 5-6-1

It's almost over. Now let's look at the NorthWest race in the new format:
1) Sea 8-3-1
2) Det 8-4

That's a lot closer! For a more competitive stretch run, the NFL needs to move to the new format.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2017 NBA Predictions

Out in the 1st round: Det, Cha, Atl, Mil
Out in Conference semis: Tor, Bos
Conference Finals: Cle over Ind 4-0

Out in 1st round: OKC, Por, Uth, Dal
Out in Conference semis: SA, Mem
Conference Finals: GS over LAC

Finals GS over Cle 4-2

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More San Diego

We took the hotel's shuttle downtown for $3. The first shuttle's drive  ha  to go to the bathroom. When she came out, she said her wheelchair lift was broken. The next shuttle came and it took forever to get her chair strapped up.

We got off near the marine museum. We walked to Balboa Park through Park Blvd. Just north of the high school is a homeless hangout.

Balboa Park was beautiful. The building were exquisite. On the way back we walked through Little Italy. We ate at a seafood restaurant and I had a 2.5 pound lobster! Then we walked along the water back to the hotel.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

In San Diego

For lunch, we ate by the water on Harbor Island. I had tons of lobster and found the staff to be very nice.

We then walked to Old Town along San Diego Bay. We saw visited one part that housed  psychiatric ward across the street from Dirt Cheap Rental Cars and a liquor store.

Old Town had cool old buildings, but was so ridiculously touristy. It was catered to families. We didn't stay long.

We charged Candace's wheelchair in a Starbucks and had a nice long walk back to the hotel.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

DC to San Diego

At BWI, we were asked to take off our belts in order to go through security. While I was in the scanning machine, a TSA agent asked me to "pull up my wasteband." I thought: Why'd you ask we to take off my belt if didn't want my pants to fall down!

We flew Southwest. They have a policy that you cant wait in line for the front bathroom, which meant there was no way I could go, because I'd have to climb over two people and race somebody to have any chance of going. It was  ridiculous. The terrorists have done a really shitty job killing Americans or threatening our nation's existence, but they've succeeded in making us lokking stupid with all of our silly hypocritical new rules.

Our hotel was just accross the street fromnthe airport, but we had trouble finding a pedestrian walkway. We made it, but I was quickly disappointed. The Sheraton has lots of amenities and spacious rooms, but we don't take advantage of amenities and we're small people, so we don't need a big room. I'd rather have a fridge, a microwave, and a bidet. Basically, I'd rather be in Japan.

The only offers Gatorade for $4.50, a candy bar for $3.50, and a liter of water for $9! I wouldn't pay that much for water if it was laced with the late Theodore Bikel's sweat.

We then walked to Petco Park to watch the Giants face the Padres. There were so many Giants fans, it must've felt like a home game for them.

In the park, there are two elevators with giants sign that say give people with disabilities priority. Instead, a group of jerkoffs skipped the line and jumped on the elevator. I yelled at them about it and told them to get off. A mothe  with her young daughter started to get off, but they weren't at fault, it wa  the froup behind them. They didn't get off. I walked away suggesting that they learn to read.

Just then the other elevator opened up and we actually beat the first elevator tobthe upperdeck. Justice! I turned and told them, "And we beat you!"

The scoreboard was really into the fact that San Diego isvin the state of California. It shiwed "California girls" an  there was Hotel California karaoke among other things.

On the walk home, we noticed lots of lights. Many were red, white, and blue. Judging by the paterns they could've been for France in the wake of the Nice attack. There weren't any commemorations for Turkey in the wake of the dead coup attempt.

Conan is apparently hosting his show from Comic Con soon. His face is everywhere. San Diegans do not ja walk, which is weird. They don't anticipate lights changing and they walk slowly, even compared to me.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Game 6 - LeBron Legend

With Draymond Green back, the Golden State Warriors expected to have more fight in Game 6. It didn't work out that way. Cleveland raced out to a big lead and ended the first quarter with a 31-11 lead. The 11 points were the fewest in a quarter for Golden State all season.

Cleveland got help from their role players at home once again. J.R. Smith scored 14. Richard Jefferson had some unsung plays. Tristan Thompson was especially good with stunning dunks. He scored 15 and grabbed 16 rebounds.

But the Cavs thrived because of LeBron James. He scored 41 points, only the fifth player ever to score 40 or more in consecutive Finals games. Not only did he shoot well, but he added 11 assists and 8 rebounds. He was nearly the entire offensive until the competitive portion of the game ended. He also added 4 steals and 3 blocks. One of his blocks was on a Stephen Curry layup attempt. After the swat, LeBron talked a little trash out of the side of his mouth, reminded the two-time MVP who's still the best.

Curry scored 30 and shot well from both the line and beyond the arc. But he didn't play well. He was in constant foul trouble. He hoisted a deep three when the Warriors had cut the deficit to eight int he second quarter. That shot took Golden State out of its offense again. The Cavs went into the half with a 16 point lead.

In the 4th, Curry fouled out on a dubious call. He threw his mouthpiece, which hit a fan. and was ejected. He had already received his sixth foul, but the ejection cost the Warriors another point. Draymond Green was solid all around, but was also frustrated by foul trouble. Klay Thompson scored 25, but didn't make enough threes. Andre Iguodala, starting for the injured Andrew Bogut, was hampered by back spasm. Harrison Barnes didn't even score. Only Leandro Barbosa played well for the Warriors; he scored 14.

The Cavs won 115-101 to force a Game 7. They're only the third team in NBA Finals history to force a Game 7 after trailing 3-1.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Game 5 - Flagrant Disregard for His Teammates

The story heading into Game 5 was Draymond Green's one game suspension because he exceeded the limit of allotted flagrant fouls during the postseason. He's close to doing the same thing with technical fouls too.

Green has a tremendous amount of passion and toughness, but there are limits and Green has consistently crossed the line this playoffs. His personal vendettas hurt his team and his absence in Game 5 hindered Golden State's championship chances.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James took advantage of the All Star's absence. They became the first duo of teammates to score 40 or more points in a Finals game. Irving scored 41 on 24 field goals and made 5 for 7 from three point range. Only he and Wilt Chamberlain have scored at least 40 points and shot at least 70% from the field in a Finals game.

While Irving's incredible shooting performance won't soon be forgotten, LeBron's game shouldn't be overlooked in the annals of history. To his 41 points, he added 16 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks. Kyrie and LeBron combined for 82 points; the rest of the Cavs had just 30.

Klay Thompson tried to keep Golden State in the game. The game was tied at 61 at halftime. Klay ended with 37 points, but faded in the fourth. Stephen Curry added 25, but couldn't find his shot. Andre Iguodala did his best Green impression with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists, but no one did their best Andre Iguodala impression. Shaun Livingston ended with 7 including a vicious dunk on Richard Jefferson.

Cleveland pulled away int he 3rd thanks to the brilliance of their two best players. With Green out, the Warriors lack their usual depth. The Cavs scored 93 through three quarters and took a nine point lead into the fourth. Golden State fought back, but never got close enough to put the result in doubt.

Cleveland won 112-97 to bring the series to 3-2 Golden State.