Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top 5 QBs, RBs, WRs Now

This list takes more into account than one pass, one game, or even one season. But it's not a list one the best who happen to be active. It also isn't a prediction of what will happen either. Injuries are not ignored. The previous list was posted on February 12, 2013.

Rank David's (PR) Mike's (Previous Rank)
1 Peyton Manning (3) Peyton Manning (3)
2 Tom Brady (1) Aaron Rodgers (1)
3 Drew Brees (4) Tom Brady (2)
4 Aaron Rodgers (2) Drew Brees (4)
5 Philip Rivers (NR) Cam Newton (NR)

Running Backs
Rank David's (PR) Mike's (Previous Rank)
1 Adrian Peterson (1) Adrian Peterson(1)
2 LeSean McCoy (NR) Jamaal Charles(3)
3 Jamaal Charles (3) LeSean McCoy (NR)
4 Marshawn Lynch (4) Marshawn Lynch (2)
5 Matt Forte (NR) Matt Forte (NR)

Wide Receivers
Rank David's (PR) Mike's (Previous Rank)
1 Calvin Johnson (1) Calvin Johnson(1)
2 Andre Johnson (2) Demaryius Thomas(NR)
3 A.J. Green (NR) Andre Johnson (4)
4 Josh Gordon (NR) Josh Gordon (NR)
5 Antonio Brown (NR) A.J. Green (3)