Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The YMCA Theory

My friend Mike and I have attended a number of sporting events together. When the Village People's song YMCA comes over the PA system, we invariably get into a heated argument. We argue over which way the "C" is supposed to go (I don't participate in formulating the letters with my arms for that reason alone), but that's not the argument that formed the basis of the YMCA Theory.

Somewhere in the song is the lyric "Do what the fuck you feel." Mike claims that the lyric is actually "Do what-ev-er you feel." The argument basically consists of us recounting our version of the lyric and then just screaming it repeatedly at each other for about 5-10 minutes.

At the Nats game last Friday, a theory developed from my thesis. By the way, the Nats beat the Braves 7-3. Mike mentioned, "So you want me to believe that he wrote the words 'Do what the fuck you feel' into the song attempting to dupe millions of Americans who sing along at sporting events all over the country? I don't believe it."

I explained to Mike, that he (for some reason, I always imagine the police man writing the song)had already done this. A nation of homophobes and their heterosexist children sing a song about a place where gay men would hook up in the 1970s. That's what the song, YMCA, is about. So, the police man has already duped everyone. Since the whole song has a hidden meaning, it is not hard to picture him sneaking in that line as well. I don't argue that the line "Do what the fuck you feel" has a hidden meaning itself, just that it is blasted at sporting events nationwide.

Mike has thought it over and now agrees with me.


Anonymous said...

I've boycotted this song for the lyrics reason for over 20 years now.

" ... do what the fuck you feel," is near the beginning of the song.

"Do whatever you feel," is towards the middle and near the end."

When you listen to all three phrases, there is a distinct difference between do what the fuck you feel and do whatever you feel.

This song is about grown men cruising for young boys at the YMCA.

The fact that sport venues, schools, dances, and radio stations play it still is criminal.

The fact that people actually sing along and act out the letters YMCA without knowing what they are doing is insane.

knibilnats said...

See! Someone agrees with me!

I don't do the YMCA thing, not because of vicious homophobia, but I don't know which way the "C" is supposed to go. I don't want to look like moron.

Daddy Solomon-66 said...

That is very interesting, I never realized that about the song. Is the YMCA still considered a good place for a grown man to pick up young boys?