Sunday, July 15, 2012

False Promises

By: Rob Oakton

The Feared and Peerless Leader, who took over the country from his brother just over a month ago, has promised to create a democracy, a privatized market, and a country that respects human rights. He claims that achieving those ends will take some time. But his actions show that he has no intention of proceeding with his intended aims.

The Feared and Peerless Leader has either executed or exiled virtually every high-ranking member that served under his brother's reign. That has allowed him to be solely responsible for promoting junior members. They credit the Feared and Peerless Leader for their promotions and thus, will remain loyal to him.

Under the Dear and Fearless Leader, most major industries had been nationalized. The Feared and Peerless Leader has moved quickly to privatize the economy  to fall in line with IMF and World Bank standards. But the vast majority of the money from the privatization measures have gone to the new leader himself along with about 100 of his closest cronies.

The situation in the country is far bleaker than it was under the current leadership's predecessor. A network of clandestine informers have quickly cropped up across the nation. Family members are squealing on their own kin when words that are perceived to criticize the Feared and Peerless Leader are uttered.

The Dear and Fearless Leader's quirky, zany, and occasionally violent rule has been replaced by his brother's totalitarianism and demand for complete obedience.

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