Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Metro Ettiquette

On the metro today, I sat next to a man who looked very much like Comic Book Guy. An interesting look to emulate.

As the metro slowed for each stop, he would put his hands on the bar, which indicated that he was getting ready to get off the train. He also kept placing his bag on the floor and then picking it up, also making me think he was leaving. He'd also look at me occasionally as the train slowed, another indication of someone ready to get off.

All of these actions were draining. I had to pay more attention to this cartoon character because he had exhausted the usual social cues that tell a person someone wants to get off. What did he do when he wanted to get off? I didn't know. So, I couldn't zone out, because this man clearly played outside the mores of society.

It was a terrible metro ride.

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