Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Am A Republican

I am a Republican. I believe in the greatness of America. America is the greatest country on Earth. America is the land of noble intentions as we hope to spread democracy and freedom across the globe. Indeed, it is our responsibility to do so, even among the unwilling.

My sense of self derives from the flag and the anthem. Being a member of the greatest country this world has ever known is my greatest accomplishment. As an American, it is my duty to be patriotic. I support the troops in all their endeavors. They are heroes and, by definition, their actions are right and just. They allow us to enjoy our freedom. Those who criticize the troops are traitorous.

As an American, I have the right to privacy, which entails freedom from government interjection. The government has no right in my finances or my bedroom. The government should not dictate what I can and cannot do, regardless of the safety or prudence of my actions.

All Americans should be treated equally. There should not be special provisions or privileges for certain groups of Americans. Each American should enjoy the same rights as every other American.

I believe homosexuality is wrong. I believe that we must love the sinner even if we hate the sin. Gay marriage should be illegal, because if society accepts homosexuality, then we are on the road to disaster. Illegal immigrants should not be afforded the same rights as citizens. They have broken the law by living in our great land and should be arrested and deported.

It is politically incorrect to deem my views as xenophobic or bigoted. I am entitled to my beliefs. Likewise, my positions are not hypocritical, that is merely a politically-motivated attack.

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