Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Case for Alvin Greene

Alvin Greene is the best candidate to represent South Carolina in the United States Senate. He has served in the military, receiving an honorable discharge from the army. He knows what our troops need to be successful. His opponent, Jim DeMint, has never served in the military.

Alvin Greene understands the plight of the average South Carolinian. He has faced hard times just like the rest of us. He has experienced the pain of unemployment. He has a plan to get people back to work. Jim DeMint has been riding high in Washington for the past 11 years. Before that, he was president of his own market research firm. It's been a while since Jim DeMint has been in touch with regular people.

Perhaps Alvin Greene isn't the most articulate candidate, as a result of his sacrifices in serving this great land. But substance is more important than flash. Alvin Greene knows how to fight. He's been fighting detractors his whole life. He hasn't been handed his successes. Our country has some difficult challenges ahead, but difficult challenges are nothing new to Alvin Greene.

In addition to his military service and ability to empathize with hardworking Americans, Alvin Greene has a degree in political science form the University of South Carolina. He has the experience and the knowledge.

Alvin Greene is a self-made man. As a good Christian, he knows a little something about faith. He risked his own scarce funds to run for the senate because he believed he could best represent South Carolinians. He doesn't have the big party bosses in Washington behind him. Jim DeMint has a campaign staff and a significant war chest. Alvin Greene has a vision for a better America and a dream of serving South Carolina as its senator. Alvin Greene won't be a slave to any party establishment. None helped him get to where he is. He achieved his nomination by the will of the people of South Carolina and those are the only people Alvin Greene answers to.

Vote Alvin Greene for the United States Senate.


Anonymous said...

And he knows where the good porn sights are and who to show them to.

knibilnats said...

That was an unfortunate incident that has been misrepresented in the press.