Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recap of the 2010 NBA Draft

This was surely a weak draft. There were a lot of guys who abandoned school early that just left you scratching your head. If you can't dominate in college, is there really a chance that you'll be anything more than a bum in the pros? The first senior wasn't drafted until the 23rd pick in the first round. I have a feeling that some of the late first round seniors will have solid careers. They'll be better than most of the younger players taken earlier.

I hope John Wall is a great player. The league could always use more of them. It's especially fun to watch a great point guard. There are a lot of them currently in the NBA. My gut feeling is that Wall will be a good pro, but not the elite point guard he's projected to be. Can he really score in the half court? Will he be able to run a team if the game is slowed down? We'll have to see. Having Arenas as a role model might kill him as well.

Monroe and Turner should be good players too. But there are so many probable busts in the top 15, particularly among big men of limited skill. The NBA always favors athletic freaks over guys who can play basketball. Rarely does an overly-athletic guy without the skills develop into a star player.

I'm looking at a guy like Avery Bradley. He was so highly rated coming out of high school. One year at Texas wasn't as great as anticipated. And yet he left early and was chosen in the middle of round 1. He didn't show that he was worth a pick at that spot during his brief college career. The pick is totally based on the potential he showcased in high school. That year in college is supposed to temper enthusiasm for highly rated high schoolers. I just don't understand why NBA teams continually fall for the bait.

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