Friday, June 25, 2010

McChrystal is a Disgrace

General Stanley McChrystal has disgraced his post. With help from his aides, McChrystal sent a barrage of insults directed at his colleagues and his commander through the press. This took place as he's losing the war. As stupid as that was, that's not why I'm mad at McChrystal.

"McChrystal Meth" didn't just insult the administration, he did a poor job in doing so. Upon hearing Vice President's Joe Biden's last name, a top advisor said, "Did you say bite me?" What the hell? Is that supposed to be a play on Biden's name? Even so, it's a bad one and in any event, it’s meaningless. What China is to toys and clothes, Joe Biden is to gaffes and the best you could do was "Did you say bite me?" Awful.

Another called NSA James Jones "a clown" who is stuck in 1985. First of all, 1985 was a pretty good year. Secondly, who calls anyone a clown any more? What is it, 1985?

McChrystal thought Obama looked intimidated when he had a meeting with the top military brass. That's probably because Obama knew one of them would talk shit about him to the press. McChrystal was also furiously that Obama didn't initially know who he was. It brought up a bad memory because the same thing happened to McChrystal in high school involving the girl he liked.

The irony is that McChrystal's bad jokes have made him Late Night comedy fodder. Not only is it irony, it's also justice.

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