Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Storm that Came and Went

Whenever there is a snow storm in the DC area one line is usually uttered, "The fallout from this snow storm was much worse in proportion to the storm itself." The fact is that in the DC area, people freak out when there's snow. It's amazing because it snows every year, quite often in fact. We usually have a blizzard every third year or so. Yet, somehow, no one can take. People either drive way too slow or way too fast and it's usually a good design for disaster.

Unfortunately I had to drive in the mess yesterday. But it was well worth it. Goucher faced our main rivals at Catholic University in men's college basketball. It was the opener of the Landmark Conference. It's no secret that throughout this decade Catholic always benefited from favorable referees to a ridiculous amount at home. At one point it was so absurd that it brought me to nearly fight an official as I ran from the stands screaming threats at him. He stopped and turned and continued yelling at him until the police stepped in (who has police at a Division 3 game?). I won't document all of the bad calls the refs make at Catholic here.

Both schools have left their old CAC and moved to this new Landmark Conference, who didn't know that they were supposed to give the game to Catholic. Goucher might have even got a favorable call here or there, if you can believe it and I know that you can't. Goucher has a young and patient team that can show fits of athleticism at certain moments. As usual against Catholic on the road, Goucher got off to a quick start, but Catholic came back to take the lead by halftime.

Catholic stormed out to the big lead in the first ten minutes of the second half. This was typical. Generally Goucher plays Catholic tough in the first half and fades in the second. But this team stormed back, just like last year. Goucher rushed ahead thanks to an amazing behind the back pass on a fast break by #30 (I'm getting old, I hardly know any of the players anymore).

Before the clock was finished, the Catholic faithful pitifully walked out of the gym with their heads up their asses. It was a beautiful sight, like a gentile kid waking up on Christmas, I'd imagine. Oh, sweet vengeance. That's two wins in a row at Catholic. That was so awesome. It made my year. Kiss my ass you Catholic fucks!

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