Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prayoff Update

The best of 7 Prayoff series to determine which is the one true lord has come down to Game 7, with the series tied at 3. The Game 7 and the series comes down to one factor. Will Jesus come back in 2007?

A few years ago, Pat Robertson claimed on the 700 Club that Jesus would return in 2007, because it was the 40th anniversary of the Six Day war in Israel. In 2008, I will get laid because it's the 15th anniversary of the greatest comeback in NFL hostory when the Buffalo Bills sotrmed back to win in the 1993 Wildcard game down 35-3 to the Houston Oilers. I haven't gotten laid in a bit to the point where A.C. Green is starting to pity me a little.

If Jesus does return within the next month or so, I will accept Pat Robertson's lord as the true one. If he doesn't come back, Pat Robertson must pray to my Jewy, abortion-loving, gay marriage-performing, poverty-caring-about G-d. The year is almost over. I'm on the edge of seat.

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