Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Got Love For

Here's a short list of groups that I respect and want to show some love for:

Jews, blacks, Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Muslims, the deaf, Hausas, Poles, Tutsis, Asians, Quichuas, Kuwaitis, Australians, Filipinos, Mohicans, Africans, Cherokees, Mexicans, Christians, Arabs, Hutus, Latinos, women, Slovakians, Xhosas, Buddhists, the transgendered, Pakistanis, Cubans, Bulgarians, Zoroastrians, men, Shiites, Ecuadorians, whites, Sufis, New Zealanders, Hindus, Romanians, Cherokees, Sunnis, Europeans, Zulus, Uyghurs, Puerto Ricans, Albinos, Central Americans, Tibetans, Germans, Persians, gays, Japanese, dwarfs, North Americans, Baha'is, lesbians, Britons, the blind, South Americans, islanders, Darfuris, and everyone else.

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