Monday, December 03, 2007

Sean Taylor

My condolences to Sean Taylor's friends and family.

We have a real problem dealing with death in this country. People do some ridiculous things. I'm not sure where Sean Taylor is now, maybe he's just gone, maybe he's in heaven, or maybe he's in a world completely different from ours, I really have no idea. I do know that, wherever he is, he doesn't give a shit about your Facebook profile tribute to him.

I can't begin to understand why a person would "honor" Sean Taylor on their Facebook profile. It doesn't make any sense. He's not going to see your profile, especially if the "Afterlife" isn't one of your networks. You're not really informing anyone about this great person that you've lost, because, well, it was a national news story and you have no idea whether or not he was a good person.

Some fans have said that the death of Sean Taylor was like losing a family member. Really? It's like losing your mother? You know what's more like losing a family member? ACTUALLY LOSING A FAMILY MEMBER! When your mother dies are you going to say, "It's like losing Sean Taylor." That's crazy.

Fans at the Skins game held posters honoring #21. I thought that was poignant. They weren't remembering Sean Taylor, they were memorializing their fallen free safety. How could they remember Sean Taylor anyway, they didn't know him.

The same day Sean Taylor died, 35 people were killed in an attack in Iraq. Almost no one in America cared. These people in Iraq did nothing wrong. They were simply victims of an invasion perpetrated by our country. Yet, we mourn the loss of an entertainer as if he were family. There's something wrong with that. How about a little perspective here? This country is insane.

Rest in peace.

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