Thursday, April 07, 2016

Tokyo to Okinawa

We woke up and opened the curtains to see the lovely view. Turns out it was raining. Hard.

We tried cover ourselves and the scooter but we got drenched. At one point, Candace was ahead and a man pulled upbehind me on a bike. He insisted that I take his umbrella. He promised he had another one. I thanked him and ran to put it over Candace. She was so surprised and later told me she thought I jad mugged someone for it.

So Candace didn't get rained on anymore and the scooter was kept fairly dry, but I wa  soaked from bead to toe. We walked for about an hour until we reached Tokyo station.

We got on the train without an issue because it was JR East. JR East lets us through easily, but they're a little stingy with their ramps.

The train was nice. We got off and headed for terminal. I look around for Candace's pocketbook. I couldn't see it. I sprinted back onto the train and remembered I had set it down when I grabbed our suitcase. I spotted the pocketbook, swiped it, and sprinted back just in time. At some point when I was sprinting back to Candace, I realized I could stop running.

We went to check in at Jet Star Japan and we were asked if the scooter had "approval." We looked puzzled. We were told that they would try to get "approval" for us, but would it be ok if we took a later flight. We were crestfallen. Our flight wasn't scheduled to leave for two hours.

The "approval" process involved a bunch of ridiculous questions like how much wattage the scooter uses. We weren't plugging it in, so I couldn't see what that mattered. I also didn't know. They were going to look it up, which surely would have forced us to miss oir flight. So I saw on the charger, 68w, an   showed them that, which was good enough.

Candace, who had reached the acceptance stage with JR Central, was indignant with Jet Star Japan. I was the reverse. Actually, I was still in denial with Jet Star Japan and couldn't fathom missing our flight.

We did eventually get on. We went through security and Candace left her water bottle in her pocketbook. As strict as they are with the scooter, I was sure we would be arrested and tortured for this offense. Nope. The security agent opened the bottled, waved his hand over the opening, and towards his nose twice and declared it, "Not gasoline."

We were put on the plane with a lift and a ramp because there was no gate. The flight was good. When we got off a wheelchair came. Once we got to the gate, I was told to push the chair. We got our checked bag, which didn't have any chargers in it, because Narita makes you put them in your carry on for some reason. No scooter.

We couldn't even find someone to ask. We eventually did ask and then she vanished. Ten or fifteen minutes later, the scooter emerged drenched. It works still though.

Then we needed to find Candace's sister and nephew. We were over an hour late, so this was no small task. Finally, our nephew came running towards us. We ate at McDonald's and Candace had green tea McIceCream or whatever with beans.

Our nephew just picked up skate boarding and he's pretty good. I tried and fell right on my back within ten seconds of getting on. Then we walked along the coast. It was so hot, I was covered in sweat, which didn't mix well with the earlier rain.

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