Friday, April 08, 2016

In Okinawa

My nephew and I made the three minute walk to the sea wall amd walled on the coral. I was concerned about damaging the coral and tried to take a cue from the people around us. It wa  such a cool experience though. We hopped along the dry jagged coral that's covered by the tide at night.

There was a lot of wet green coral. It was incredible to look at. I even bent down and touched some. We walked along the sea wall mostly and some some sea life. We saw small fish darting quickly in the water. Ee also saw an animal that we dubbed a pentapus. It has five long fury tentacles and a tiny flat head. We saw a ton of them slowly slithering under rocks.

We also saw a few mucusy green blobs and other cool sea life.  On our walk, I tried and failed at my nephew's pogo stick and his bicycle. We did find a tennis ball on the walk and played catch throughout the day.

He left his skateboard on the sea we walked around the coast. He assured me no one would take it and he was  right. Even if it's cash, people don't just take stuff that they find. Not just in Okinawa, but elsewhere in Japan, too.

It was very hot and humid, so I just couldn't stop sweating. We went to the skate park in the evening just before it started to pour. We ordered in food because of the persistent thunderstorms. Yep, it rains in paradise apparently. Then I spent the whole night beating Candace in Connect Four. Candace is the smartest person I know at everything so it was weird and painful watching her struggle through. She did manage to win the majority of ganes against our nephew. He's nine. And it was a slight majority.

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