Saturday, April 09, 2016

Round and Round

Today was rainy, so we decided to go to the mall. Everyone else on the island had the same idea. We couldn't find a spot in the garage and had to park outside. As soon as we put the scooter together it started to pour. I tried to cover the scooter with the umbrella as I hid in the trunk, but it didn't work too well.

We made a dash for the mall and got soaked. I was pretty uncomfortable in my wet clothes. It's a huge five story mall, but only two elevators. There were lines dividing all sorts of things to go on the elevator, such as up or down or why you needed to use the elevator. The wait times to go up or down a floor were annoying.

Many of the stores were similar to those in the US, but the real interesting part was the food court. Our nephew had a high quality steak. Candace had the famous taco rice. We indulged in takoyaki, octopus balls. These were higher quality than our 7-11 version with more octopus inside. I liked the balls, but not the sauce. I had ox tongue on a stick. Octopus balls and ox tongue, you know, the usual mall food court delicacies. The quality was good too.

We realizeed that it had stopped raining as soon as we were inside the mall, which made me furious. Then it started again when we left.

At night we walked along the water to American Village. Along the way, we saw a serious of fireworks, commencing the Ryukyu Kaiensai festival. Okinawa is the biggest of the Ryukyu islands, which were part of the Ryukyu kingdom that ruled the island for over 400 years.

We stopped by Baskin Robbins and I got a matcha sorbet drink. It was good, but  the cup was only half filled, which was a disappointment. Then we rode on the ferris wheel and saw the impressive nighttime views. I'm scared of heights, so I became worried halfway up of Chatan, where we are staying, and the surrounding area.

We then went to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It was an awesome experience. It was a lot of fun to order and pluck out our corresponding sushi. The snow crab, shrimp tempora, and duck were my favorite. I thought it was impressive that the restaurant could make all three taste so good. I also tried eel and geoduck, which is a weird sea creature. Both were kind of bland, although geoduck had a yucky aftertaste. We loved the whole conveyor belt sushi concept.

On the way home, a huge pickup truck type thing roared out of nowhere. It raced across the soaked field heading right for us. We were terrified. But then it swung right and tried to skid along the wet grass. Candace and her sister thought they saw it was some kind of official vehicle. Then the driver turned off its lights. We really got worried then adn crossed the street. Luckily it was just some idiot trying make figure 8s in the mud.

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