Sunday, April 10, 2016

America in Japan

We walked to the sea wall and we all walked on the coral this time. It was great taking Candace out there and she enjoyed it. The jagged coral rocks hurt my plantar fascia. We then sat on the sea wall and watched the tide quickly roll in.

We soon went to the US military base nearby, Kadena Air Base. We got visitor passes and went through the gate. In both cases, the guards spoke good English, but with fairly thick accents and were ostensibly Japanese. It begged many questions that we didn't have an answer to.

Inside the base is a shopping center. Upstairs is a Wal-Mart-type establishment. It was as if we were transported back to the US, though there was a Japanese aisle. Only military personnel were allowed to buy from the store.

The base, one of a few US miltary sites in Okinawa, is huge. The buildings inside the base are spread out, though driving is on done the Japanese side of the road.

It's kind of crazy that a US air base is in the middle of another country. Some Okinawan residents are resentful, but mostly because some American servicemen have committed horrible crimes. Currently ther  is a discussion between the US and Japan about moving one of the bases to a more remote section of the island.

We then went to a  garlic-themed restaurant and everyone ejoyed their meal. We got dessert at Blue Seal and ordered some unusual ice cream flavors. Our nephew.and Candace's sister got blue wave, a cotton candy type flavor, but so much more. Candace got beni imo, which is a purple yam, and Okinawan salt cookie flavors. I got ube, another kind of purple yam, and Ryukyu milk tea flavor. We liked them all.

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