Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Osaka to Tokyo

Before bed last night, Candace declared,"Sometimes I get jealous of myself, but then I remember, I am me."

In the morning, we made our walk to Namba and then to the subway to Shin-Osaka. I got to ride in the ladies only car because the attendant placed the ramp for Candace there. I tried to be respectful and not act like a perv. Best I could tell, old men and me accompanying wheelchair users are ok, but a trio of teenager boys were booted from the car.

We had more problems with JR Central. We did some research an  found that last decade, the justice ministry found JR Central's anti-electric wheelchair policy to violate the idea of human rights. Just don't put a fucking handlebar on that electric wheelchair!

The bumbling idiots at the station took a half hour to figure things out this time. They used a dolly for the scooter and Candace got her own wheelchair.

Once on the train, we had reserved seats, but were moved into a multi-purpose room an  we used it for multiple purposes, if you know what I mean. It was an enclosed pod which acted like our own personal suite. It was pretty sweet! Though we had trouble with the electric scooter on the Shinkansen, we also were helped. The help was much appreciated, but the headaches were not.

We saw Mount Fuji from our suite and it was amazing! We felt very fortunate in that moment.

The scooter was placed on another dolly in Tokyo and Candace was wheeled out. We've noticed many people, foreign and local, who tak  the elevator when they take a suitcase. Candace said, "People get a rolling suitcase and all the sudden become disabled." I cracked up when Candace had to wait for the ramp out of the station to clear because two women with tiny rolling suitcases needed the ramp. Apparently they couldn't loft their tiny rolling suitcases up one step!

We walking through the Imperial Palace grounds which wa  cool. There aren't many old buildings in Tokyo because of WWII. This palace was built in 1968.

Our hotel has a stunning view of the grounds and central Tokyo. For dinner, we had our first encounter with a robot waiter. This one wa  pretty easy. It had some picttures and some English. Our only problem was getting started and finishing. When we figured it out, we gave our ticket to the chef. We liked our meal.

We noticed that people her don't lock up their bikes, an indication of how low crims is. By the metro station where.we live, you'll see bikes locked up, but most fo the parts have been stripped and stolen. Quite the difference.

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