Saturday, May 23, 2015


We changed to a different hotel today. This one is just north of Old Town. In our last hotel, the owner kept calling Candace's scooter a small car. The new hotel has crumbling old stone steps for me to lug the scooter up. The receptionist called the scooter "very modern."

We walked to Kadriorg park, which was green and beautiful. It has Kadriorg castle and the presidential palace. We also saw Lauluvaljak- the Song Festival Grounds- where 300,000 people protested Soviet oppression in 1988. We also saw the sun shimmering on the blue Baltic Sea. Ferries dotted the horizon.

We had cheeseburgers drenched in an orange sauce and tons of vegetables. The hamburger meat was good if the sauce was weird and the vegetables were terrible, because I hate vegetables. I had a steak later for dinner, which was pretty good.

The dinner was in Old Town. Candace was a bit frazzled because of all the cobblestones. The scooter started to lose its charge, so I pushed it some of the way back to the hotel. But we made it.

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