Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tallinn Not to Helsinki

We tried to take a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki for a day trip, but apparently on a Sunday in late May a reservation is required. We tried a few different companies, but nothing panned out.

We ate by the harbor. I had anatomically in tact flounder and Candace had salted cucumbers with honey, which she did not enjoy. Candace noticed that Estonians love mayonnaise on everything. We then snuggled in the shadow of Fat Margaret tower. We also dealt with our ferry rejection in a rather morbid way. We snuggled by the monument commemorating the ferry accident of 1994 when over 800 people died.

My body isn't holding up, so after a stop at Hessburger Estonia's version of McDonald's, we went back to the hotel to rest. Later we went our for some pizza and took an 11pm stroll at dusk through Skoone Bastion.

A couple of interesting facts about Tallinn. The city is very WiFi friendly and public transportation is free for residents of the city.

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