Friday, May 22, 2015

In Tallinn

Candace: "What time is it?" Me: "4:30am." Candace: "Then why is it light out?!"

We walked around Old Town today. The old towers and churches were not quite jaw dropping, but they were cool. Some buildings date back to the 1300s. The age of the buildings made it a memorable experience. The Russian church was the most eye opening.

Candace's scooter did ok with the cobblestone streets, but she needed me to push her when she got stuck on occasion. Just outside Old Town the sidewalks are better, but they have dents for gutter water. Candace's scooter has small wheels and she kept getting stuck in them.

We ate lunch at a food court in a mall. The decorations were Estonian houses inside the  food court. The staff wore what seemed like traditional Estonian clothes. The food court had latkes and blitzes although they didn't call them that. We didn't try any new soda, but later we ate Tutti Frutti gummies. Each flavor had that same bubble gum/cotton candy flavor.

On the walk back to the hotel, a very drunk man nearly stumbled right into Candace. I was there to push him away if need be, but he stumbled in the opposite direction just in time. When we reached the hotel, our host offered us some strawberry cake and hot chocolate, which were delicious. One layer of my cake had fallen over. She said that in Estonia that means I'll never get married, but since I'm married, it doesn't count. Thank the lord we didn't come last week.

It's amazing how quickly Old Town becomes the sleepy suburbs. I like how much green is around Old Town. Oh, and I forgot to mention we saw a guy roller skating with skiing poles.

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