Thursday, May 21, 2015

DC to Tallinn

After an incredible wedding on Sunday, we left for our honeymoon yesterday. We took SAS, Scandinavian Air, which bills itself as the second most punctual airline and the third most comfortable on long haul flight. My wife Candace and I joked that SAS's motto should "Fly with us because we happen to be traveling to your destination."

The entertainment choices were lackluster. The movies started at the same time for everyone, so it limited your options.

We had a long layover in Copenhagen. Candace keeps bragging that she got to hold the hands of multiple hot Danish guys. Said in a different way, some workers helped Candace in and out of some wheelchairs. Candace can have her memories of holding hands with hot Danish guys, on the flight from Copenhagen to Tallinn, a fat Estonian guy nearly wacked me in the face with his hairy partly exposed ass, so we're even.

On that flight, Estonia Air offered free wifi. It was cool, although a bit misleading. You couldn't access the internet. You could only access a few things related to Estonia Air.

Candace was so happy to get a Denmark stamp on her passport, but really bummed not to get one from Estonia. Apparently you only need a stamp when first arriving into the EU.

We walked about 3 miles from the airport to our hotel. The signs are great about telling you what streets are coming up, but not as good telling you what street you're on. Even so, we didn't get lost until the end. At one point after we had been lost for awhile, Candace gave me five minutes to find the hotel before she would ask for directions. I found the hotel 2 and a half minutes later.

Once we got to the hotel, no one answered our knocks, doorbell rings, or screams after 15 minutes. I decided to jump the fence to the backyard and get someone's attention that way. Just then, the owner opened the front door to welcome Candace in. Then we went to the grocery store and picks up lots of candy!

We also grabbed some limonaad which is some kind of cotton candy or bubble gum flavored soda. We got back to the hotel at 10:30 pm and it was still light out.

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