Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Akureyri to Reykjavik

Afyer eating our stove top cooked frozen pizza again, we headed back to Reykjavik. We were hoping to go to the Thingvellir park first, but the GPS took us to some unpaved roads and the Suzuki Swift didn't much like that. So we went back to the ring road and it was too late to head for the park.

The drive was long and arduous. About 5 hours, but not on the big wide highways that I'm used to. The scenery was, well... you'll just have come to Iceland and see for yourself. If you make the drive between Reykjavik and Akureyri, your trip will be well worth it. Hidden waterfalls, sund-drenched mountains, sparkling lakes, just to name a few.

Candace wanted to take pictures of the scenery constantly. I get anxious when people stick things out or near an open window, say a camera, while I'm driving. Candace did not appreciate my anxiety.

We are near the stadium a couple of kilometers outside of downtown. Soome soccer match was going on and we could clearly hear the cheers as  we walked around. We discovered how Icelandic children who live in isolated places go to school. They go to boarding school of course. We haven't figured out why Icelanders love licorice, even a chocolate-covered licorice bar.

We also learned that it is permissible to say fuck in English on tv here. We caught the global edition of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart was talking about the volcano in Iceland!

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