Monday, September 08, 2014

In Akureyri and Godafoss

We drove to Godafoss today. I really don't like driving on windy mountainous roads. We pulled over a few times to take pictures of the lakes that show perfect reflections of the mountains that hover over them Godafoss includes several different waterfalls clustered together. One shoots hues of green, another is small and cute. The water at the bottom is turquoise. On the trip, Candace said, "It's not fair that there's so much beauty concentrated in this little area. They should have to spread out the pretty."

On the drive to Godafoss, we got gas. Apparently, you have to go to the correct pump and if your credit card doesn't have a pin number, the attendant has to "open" the pump and then you pay inside.

Back in our apartment, we tried to make a frozen pizza without an oven. We cooked it in a skillet with a glass cover. The heat was too high, so the bottom burned a bit, but otherwise in worked well.

We walked around Akureyri during the evening. We saw the botanical garden. At first, we thought this small circle was it, until we realized it was a huge garden next door. It was lush and beautiful. We hid under a tree for a bit while it rained. Then we got ice cream from Brynja. Then we walked along the coast soaking in the stunning views and trying to shield ourselves from the frigid wind.

We went back to the apartment and watched some tv. One channel plays pop music over pictures of the volcano. Another channel showed a music video by Unnar Birna, a dissection in Icelandic of a public bathroom in Akureyri near the church with the huge stairs that we had passed ten minutes before, and a 15 minute interview about head lice.

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