Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reykjavik to DC

At our hotel in Reykjavik, where we got a room in a giant three-story house, one of the owners, a middle aged man, flirted way too much with Candace. That didn't make me happy.

We packed up and headed towards the Blue Lagoon before traveling to the airport. The Blue Lagoon was worth the hefty price of admission, because that price wasn't so hefty for us. We got half off. The Lagoon itself looks like a fancy swimming pool in an upscale spa. It's heated by geo-thermal power and steam constantly rises into the cold atmosphere.

We smartly wore our bathing suits under our clothes. But it turned out to be stupid, because neither one of us brought a change of underwear. We put the clay on our faces that was supposed to make them smoother. I don't know how well it worked. But I wasn't feeling so great when I woke up and I felt better after being in the pool.

On the drive to the airport, we couldn't get the correct address for the airport. Candace saw a sign for Keflavik, so we went there. But the Keflavik international airport isn't in the city of Keflavik, which used to be home to a large American military based. We thought we were running late and were a little anxious. We eventually found our rental car place, returned the car without issue and walked to the airport. The airport went smoothly and so did the flight.

Clearing customs, the only thing of note back int eh U.S. was when an agent asked how much cash I had on me. "$2," I replied a bit flustered. I hadn't expected that question. Was he planning on mugging me when I left the airport if I had more?

Overall it was a wonderful trip filled with incredible scenery. I'd highly recommend anyone to visit Iceland. I did forget to mention the time I tried to cut our frozen pizza in Akureyri and the knife slipped out of my hand. I was agile enough to catch it, but stupid enough to catch it. The blade sliced my finger.

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