Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reggie Miller is a Horrible Announcer

In previous posts, I've looked at Reggie Miller's sucky announcing by analyzing direct quotes he made in a couple of random games. You can check them out here "Reggie Miller is a Terrible Announcer" and "Reggie Miller is an Awful Announcer." In this edition, I'll focus on certain themes of Miller's shittiness.

Reggie Miller makes an NBA game nearly unwatchable, which is a shame because it's playoff time. But let's look at why he's so shitty.

Miller doesn't speak in sentences. Instead, he rambles, slowly shoving together a clusterfuck of prepositional phrases that have lost all meaning by the time he's midway through his turn speaking. His comments are almost always run on sentences.

He often chooses the wrong proposition. His favorite is "of," a word he doesn't know when or how to use properly.

He often messes up phrases by adding unnecessary words. He also screws up common expressions by cramming two different ones together.

He has trouble with both subject-verb agreement and verb tense.

He undermines his partners. After a partner presents a statistic, he has the habit of retorting, "More importantly..." and then providing a statistic that is often not more important than the one given by his partner.

When emphasizing a point, he simply repeats it louder as opposed to adding additional information.

He speaks in second person, constantly referring to "you." It comes in two forms: "You have to like how the Spurs are playing." and "If you're Dwight Howard, you have to..."

Instead of saying "the" he often says "these" when referring to NBA teams. It only makes sense when he's comparing the same franchise over time, such as "These Celtics are older and slower than the '08 Celtics." He never uses "these" in that particular context.

He's unnecessarily combative with just about everyone.

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