Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Reggie Miller is a Terrible Announcer

When not making trite statements or asinine points, Reggie Miller is using the wrong preposition and simply making a mess of a sentence. There are many good NBA analysts on the national networks, but Reggie Miller is not one. I'm no LeBron James fan, but Miller's attack of James a few days ago was unfair and utterly stupid. Miller killed LeBron for having the humility and the wisdom to ask other NBA legends about what it takes to win a championship.

Below is a collection of stupid remarks made by Miller during some of Game 5 of the Hawks-Celtics series (I didn't watch the entire game). It wasn't his worst game by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it was one of his better games as an announcer. He still did a terrible job.

In explaining that a certain injury is bad some days and better others, Miller said, "It's trial by error." He meant "trial by fire." He likely didn't mean, "trial and error."

"Atlanta should be fortunate they're only down eight here." They either "are fortunate" or "should feel fortunate."

"You see his two field goals, they've all been..." He meant, they've "both" been...

About Paul Pierce's knee, "He's really dragging it a little bit." He's either "really dragging it" or he's "dragging it a little bit." It can't be both.

"Horford is doing big boy things out here for the Hawks." This inane comment came right after Miller described Horford as "a man."

"A nice little throw away there from Rondo for Hollins." Maybe he should have said, "Nice alley oop by Rondo to Hollins."

"Now he's back to which we all know Kevin Garnett, the four position." I think Garnett was shifted back to power forward.

"How do you leave Paul Pierce wide open for a contested three?" He's either wide open or the shot was contested.

Referring to Horford's injury as a "pectorial" injury. It's a pectoral injury. This one is excusable because Reggie Miller is not a doctor... or a person who can pronounce English words correctly.

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