Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reggie Miller is an Awful Announcer

I have no idea why Reggie Miller has joined Marv Albert and Steve Kerr for the Western Conference Finals. Miller is a horrible announcer. Here's my take on Reggie Miller's terrible performance during a previous playoff game.

Miller never says anything of substance. Instead, he slowly makes either obvious or inane statements and ridiculously emphasizes each word as if he's actually saying something important. He also has an annoying habit of saying things such as, "If you're Scott Brooks, you have to be happy." First of all, I'm not Scott Brooks. Second of all, why doesn't he just say, "Scott Brooks has to be happy."

After Kendrick Perkins glared over at the trio of announcers, Miller said, "And that's the problem with coaching vs. criticism." I'm not really sure what he's talking about. There's no problem between coaching and criticism. Some players don't react well to the criticism that is necessary to give in order to coach, but Marv Albert, Steve Kerr, and Reggie Miller are not coaches. I think he meant, "Kendrick Perkins doesn't react well to criticism."

"It's that up-and-under clearing space that Kevin Durant picks up that foul." Miller meant to say, "Kevin Durant picked up a foul clearing space with that up-and-under move."

A flagrant foul was called against Sefolosha after he hit Ginobili in the face. Miller then exclaimed, "Why? Why are they booing?" Steve Kerr responded, "Because it's the home crowd. They're not objective, Reggie."

After a makeup call against Splitter, Miller said, "It's funny how things seems to find a way to make themselves out." Kerr corrected him, "Even things out."

After Kerr mentioned that the Spurs only had 6 points in the paint through the first 22 minutes of the game, Miller retorted, "More importantly, that's only 5 shot attempts by Tony Parker." The limited number of points in the paint was the more important point, OKC led 26-6 at the time. But, even if it wasn't, why would he try to embarrass his partner? Petty.

And that was only from the first half of Game. I thankfully managed to tune him out during the second half.


Anonymous said...

If I'm Reggie Miller, I'm gonna learn how to vary my sentences, instead of starting every other one with "if you're so and so." I counted 7 instances in one half during a recent game. I can barely stand to watch games anymore if he's doing color commentary. Please go away, Reggie.

Anonymous said...

he is the absolute worst! i just turn away from any game he calls

major jay said...

If he's working the game I'll turn down the sound and listen to a podcast while I watch.