Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Tel Aviv Run Around

After a scrumptious breakfast that included eggs, salad (which I didn't eat), juice, and hot chocolate, my girlfriend and I took a nice stroll up Rothschild Blvd and back down King George. By the end, it started to rain on us. Later, I had a meeting with  couple f Israeli boxers. I was told to go to Noah Street. It was a three and a half mile walk that included the same street changing names about seven times. I finally made it to the address and went into the building. It turns out it was a synagogue. I asked some other people and they had no idea what is boxing.

I asked an old man and he directed me to some smoking 12 year olds who pointed to the high school nearby. I asked one to walk me to the high school and he was kind enough to do so. Once at the high school, I only found a kid's krav maga class and a gymnastics show. I ran up  down the stairs searching for the gym, but couldn't even find a hint of it. I went outside and asked a man on his cell phone if I could call the boxer. He let me borrow it and told me the neighborhood I was in. It was the wrong neighborhood. I needed to get to Azraeli and Noah Mozes Street. Everyone was in agreement, I shouldn't take the #25 bus. They just didn't know which one I should take.

I tried to take a bus, but it wasn't coming, so I took a taxi. The man talked  me in broken English about American politics. After hearing that Obama favors government paid unemployment and Romney was against that policy, the driver pronounced that issue was the reason Romney had lost. This new address led me to a cafe. One more call to the boxer and I learned the gym was next to the cafe.

I talked with two boxers for an hour and had my picture taken with them. On the way back, no one could tell me which bus to take, so I took another taxi. This driver lamented the fact that you're not allowed to make left turns in many cases in Tel Aviv. I got out and sprinted to meet my girlfriend. I was over an hour late. We had dinner with a family friend and made it back to the hotel room minutes before a demonic rain  and wind storm.

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