Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rainy Tel Aviv

After a short walk along the beach, we got rained on. It rained much of the day with gusting winds spraying the Mediterranean into the air. We had a few hours of relative dryness in the evening. I was able to sound out enough Hebrew to find the restaurant we were looking for as its sign was only in Hebrew. The place had good falafel. Then we walked to Dizengoff Center, which is just a collection of stores. Nearby is a collection of cafes. We sat in a park. Tel Aviv is filled little parks. It's also filled with domesticated dogs, stray cats, and argumentative drivers.

At breakfast, my girlfriend fed a stray cat that was huddled under our table against my protests. One time, she was too slow in releasing the food and the kitten scratched her and drew blood. Hopefully she doesn't lose that finger.

Then we ate at McDonald's. I had a fake cheeseburger which was terrible. At one point, I was trying to see the English menu, but this teenager would not get out of the way even after I said excuse me twice. So I gently guided him out of the way by force. McDonald's was expensive because of the Mediterranean view, but it was dark, so we were paying extra for nothing.

Then we went for a walk on the beach again until in threatened to rain. It's rainy and windy now. The streets are named after famous Jews in history.

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