Sunday, August 19, 2012

Democracy Update

Friends! We are on the verge of creating a burgeoning democracy. Unfortunately, we needed to rid our government of many undemocratic people and replace them with those interested in democracy. That has taken some time. Next, we'll need to build up functioning political parties and competent candidates. That will take some more time. So, in the meantime, the military junta, led by yours truly, the Feared and Peerless Leader, will continue to hold down the fort until we can create a thriving democracy.

We have worked with the IMF to privatize the economy. Formerly nationalized industries have been purchased by successful entrepreneurs. The IMF suggested that we charge these wealthy entrepreneurs a minimal tax to help promote privatization. Then, that will allow these new titans of industry to hire you and you'll soon have steady work.

We are committed to respecting the human rights of every citizen. Particularly those citizens who were not members of the old regime. We need your full support for this transformation to work. Without it, we may revert back to the old ways. Of course, the military junta will need to take certain measures to ensure that support. But, rest assured, they will respect the human rights of this great land.

Today's decrees
The military junta is planning on holding elections just as soon as a healthy democracy is created.

Once newly privatized industries have their footing, they will start hiring, which will provide you with work.

Your human rights will always be honored as long as we can count on your full support.

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