Thursday, July 05, 2012

Learning from Fasting and Silence

Today is the fourth day this month I've fasted and kept silence in the hopes that I wouldn't be bothered by life's little annoyances. I realized that it is important that I not speak if the only purpose is to soothe my ego. Instead of engaging in ego-driven speech, quiet forgiveness is a more appropriate response.

But if someone has wronged me, and forgiveness is not in my heart, it can be even more destructive to fake forgiveness. Forgiveness must be genuine to be effective.

Forgiveness can be achieved through appreciation. It ties back to my belief that I must appreciate each person I come in contact with. True forgiveness also requires empathy. Everyone has their own issues and problems. We don't know what others go through, so we must attempt to be empathetic and not judge others.

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