Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Lessons from Fasting and Silence

As I continue my weekly day of fasting and silence, I've realized that it often doesn't matter if we're right or wrong, it's our reaction that is most important. Even if we're right in a disagreement, if we react badly, our reaction then becomes the issue.

This week, I was nearly hit by a crazy driver. Then, as I tried to merge, and the woman would not let me do so, running me off the road and onto the shoulder. I honed and stuck my hand out to tell the woman to stop. The woman began honking and yelling wildly. I reacted poorly. I stuck my middle finger out at her and screamed at her indignantly that she had nearly swerved into me and then tried to run me off the road.

Had I reacted more appropriately, I would have completely held the moral authority. Instead, I ceded that power with my reaction. It stems back to not allowing things to bother me. And that comes from appreciation.

At 2am last night, I took a walk in the neighborhood. I had been fasting and silent for two hours. Electricity flew through my body. What I realized is that even seemingly mundane moments can create that feeling if we recognize that there is beauty in everything in this world.

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