Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stoudemire in More Trouble

Amar'e Stoudemire is in hot water again. Just days after he was exposed for using Twitter's direct messaging service to call a fan a homophobic slur, Stoudemire's finds himself in trouble with the law.

Miami police are looking into charges that Stoudemire's attack of an American Airlines Arena fire extinguisher following a May 1 playoff game was actually a hate crime. It turns out the fire extinguisher is gay.

Stoudemire, frustrated by his team's loss that night, physically assaulted Butch, the gay fire extinguisher, who was hanging out in the Knicks locker room after the game. Immediately after the incident, Butch claimed that he was punched by Stoudemire because of its sexual orientation. In lieu of Stoudemire's recent anti-gay gaffe, Miami police now have decided to investigate and may charge Stoudemire with a hate crime.

Butch, the gay fire extinguisher, has argued that he fought back against Stoudemire in self-defense by being an inanimate hunk of metal. Stoudemire badly injured his hand in the scuffle.

More updates to come as this story develops.

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