Sunday, June 10, 2012

Manny Pacquiao Gets Ripped Off

I am in the camp who thought Juan Manuel Marquez deserved to win his third fight with Manny Pacquiao. I had the fight 9-3 for Marquez. But what happened tonight was far more shocking. Pacquiao, the name guy, the money man, was thoroughly ripped off.

Bradley threw more punches according to Compubox. If you look back, almost every recent bad decision has gone to the fighter who threw more punches. Judges seem not to consider punches landed or the power of the punches.

Pacquaio landed more. His punches rocked Bradley in a fairly consistent manner. Bradley wasn't able to move Pacquiao back with his shots.

Body language in the corner can also be an important window into how the fighters think they are doing. Bradley's trainer, Joel Diaz, constantly had to physically lift his fighter's head, because Bradley seemed discouraged. Pacquiao appeared confident. His trainer, Freddie Roach, advised Manny to close the show and knock him out in the 12th.

Personally, I thought Bradley won two rounds. At most, I could see him winning three. I can't believe two judges gave Bradley seven rounds and the other gave him five. Bradley showed a ton of heart and will, but even he was surprised he won. When asked, he told Max Kellerman that he'd have to go back and watch the tape to see if he won. When have you heard a boxer who thought he deserved to win a fight say that?

It's sad to see a decision such as this. I want boxing to become popular in the U.S. again, but when things like this happen, I feel disheartened.


Anonymous said...

Wowe one of the bigest rip off I ever seen.what's wrong with some of these judges,they must be drunk or high before they come to work.boxing is getting on my last nerve,I can belive I wasted my money to see a robbery. Like this.

knibilnats said...

I have Mayweather rated as number 1 pound for pound. During the fight, I was considering moving Pacquiao ahead of Mayweather because he looked more impressive against a prime undefeated guy than Mayweather did against Cotto last month. I'm just stunned.

Anonymous said...

Bob manipulate all your fighters ..your matchups are decided before entering the ring...what you fail to realise you scumfuck is that your destroying the credability of boxing..your a disgrace arum kept the mayweather fight from happening..greedy bastard...every dog has his day arum...beware the future!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a scam. How could a boxer win receiving a lot of punches @70% & still won? This is a fix . Yes you are right.

Neil said...

The game was clearly fixed/rigged. There's just too much money to be made if Bradley wins.

A winner showing up in a wheelchair and the loser showing no signs of wear. That just hilarious.