Monday, April 30, 2012

The Knicks and the Refs

The first half, particularly the second quarter, of Game 1 was the most one-sided officiating job I've ever seen. The referees went out of their ways to privilege the Miami Heat over the Knicks. Every block-charge call went Miami's way. Both teams were hacked on the way to the basket and yet the free throw attempts margin was embarrassing. Over twice as many fouls were called on the Knicks.

The worst was the flagrant foul called on Tyson Chandler. Chandler set a screen that LeBron backed into. LeBron flopped and was awarded two free throws and the ball, even after the refs checked it out on replay.

Game 2 was better officiated, but a Heat player set a similar screen on Baron Davis and, not only was a flagrant not called, nothing was called. I know the NBA wants Miami in the NBA Finals, but they need at least pretend to have balanced officiating.

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