Friday, April 27, 2012

Hockey New England Racism

The Caps Joel Ward scored the series winning goal over Boston on Wednesday. Then, Twitter exploded with racist tweets from Boston fans. Many called Ward the n-word. It made me sad and angry. But it gives further clout to my theory that New England is the Mississippi of the North.

In defense of Boston's racism: From The New York Times, "Richard Johnson, curator of the Sports Museum of New England, pointed out that the Bruins were the first N.H.L. team to draft a black player. Many black athletes, he said, have been embraced here. “If you were to create a pantheon of the 10 most beloved and respected athletes in town, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce would be three of them,” he said, referring to three current Celtics stars."

Garnett, Pierce, and Allen weren't on the team in 1954. They play now! Basically, the defense for Boston is: Well, we can root for black athletes now without calling them the n-word.

Connecticut is covered in swastikas.

There are very few minorities elsewhere in New England for a reason.

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