Monday, September 26, 2011

The Bills are 3-0

Many doubted the Bills. Even with an undefeated record and playing at home, the odds makers made the Bills a decided underdog. But the odds makers don't know football. They look at the draft position of the Bills stars. They focus on "potential."

Down 21-0 in the first half, it looked like the naysayers were right. Sure, the Bills had come back from down 21-3 to the Raiders, but this was the Patriots. The Bills hadn't beaten them in about 8 years. The Patriots were undefeated too.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was determined to prove the doubters wrong. The Bills had cut the lead to 21-10 by the half. Tom Brady was struggling. The Bills scored again. Then again. The Bills had the lead!

But, as was the case against the Raiders, the opponent came back. Tied at 24, the Bills scored another TD. The Pats answered. At the end of the game, Fred Jackson nearly scored a leading TD. Instead, the TD was called back and the Bills kicked the winning FG.

To beat the Patriots is sweet. A 3-0 record, the only undefeated AFC team, is great. Shutting up people who have dogged the team is wonderful. But it's a long season. This was a statement game, but there are still 13 games left. Let's not get carried away.

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