Monday, September 05, 2011


This is my 2,000th post. The blog has provided me with an opportunity explore various sides of my personality and at times take them to extremes; hence, the unevenness of it. There have been moments where I haven't liked the result. In others, I have been immensely proud. This has been an important avenue to examine my development as a man.

The blog has been less a chance to share my voice and more of a personal creative outlet. There has been praise and there has been criticism. The blog has helped me to receive both with a grain of salt.

On the blog, I came up with the Evil Leaders League. I imagined myself as the dictator of a nation. I posted the results of the Jew Draft. I've become the place to go to if you want to know about neo-nazi Bill Riccio, find out the hidden meaning of YMCA, view pictures of ugly NBA players, and, recently, learn about Ricky Perry's vasectomy.

If this is the end of the blog, it has had a good life...

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