Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Nats' Curious Trades

The Nats dealt veterans Jason Marquis and Jerry Hairston before the deadline and acquired some minor league prospects in return. But the also traded for veteran Jonny Gomes, giving up two minor league prospects.

The combination seems inconsistent. Gomes is basically the same hitter as half of the Nationals and virtually every ex-Red the franchise has every obtained. He hits in the low .200s, but has more homers than the average player possessing such a low battling average.

I'm also upset at the Marquis deal. A quality veteran starter was given away for a Class A shortstop who was drafted in the 9th round in last year's draft. Marquis will be a free agent and the Nats wouldn't have received compensation if he walked, but Marquis wanted to sign a multi-year deal to stay in DC. Maybe the organization's hopes were too high that Wang will make a miraculous comeback. I'm not sold on Detwiler either. It never hurts to have quality starting pitching.

Having said that, if this shortstop turns out to be something, that would be great. Desmond has a long way to go to convince me that he's an every day player on a good team. But it seems the organization anticipates Lombardozzi at second and Espinosa at short.

Trading away Marquis just seemed like a waste. And giving up prospects for Gomes also seems bizarre.

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