Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tennis is Anti-Semitic

Today, two Jewish tennis players were bounced from qualifying at the Legg Mason Classic today. Both Nicolas Massu and Wayne Odesnik had emotional breakdowns during their respective matches.

Tennis is a sport that requires players to stay calm and even-tempered. That's not fair for us Jews. We are an emotional people. We are taught from a young age that is something is wrong, you should speak up. No stiff upper lip for us.

The ball boys at Massu's match were incompetent. They broke his chair and wouldn't shade him with the umbrella on an extremely hot day. They also gave him terrible tasting water, so he had to take a swig from each bottle and then put it back in the iced container. The lack of water made him cramp up. At least he got his revenge when a ball boy gave the ump one of Massu's pre-tested bottles of water.

In Odesnik's match, a ball that was clearly out on one of Ram's shots was called in. I was sitting right there and it was a terrible call. The ball was clearly out. What's worse is that Odesnik was right there and could have hit it easily, but chose not to, because it was clearly out.

Both of these men had too much to deal with to keep calm and composed. There's enough frustration in tennis without this crap. How is a Jew supposed to keep cool under these circumstances? Any sport that one plays better without emotion is inherently anti-Semitic.

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