Friday, September 03, 2010

Dibble's Out

Rob Dibble was recently fired as Nats broadcaster. He was fired because he said that Stephen Strasburg was being wimpy and should continue to pitch (Strasburg underwent Tommy John surgery today).

It was a stupid thing to say and Dibble was wrong, but he shouldn't have been fired for that. He should have been fired for being a rather poor baseball analyst. First of all, he thinks every pitcher should have the mentality of an 8th inning reliever who throws a 95 mph fastball. For the past year and a half, he has implored the Nats pitchers to pretty much exclusively throw the fastball. I'm glad Livan Hernandez didn't follow that advice.

Dibble would often go off on uninteresting tangents that had very little to do with the game, the conversation in the booth, or anything really. Occasionally, he would have a mental breakdown on air and just make noises or yell out random words.

Sure, he had passion for the Nats. But that's not the analyst's job. I show enough passion in my living room for the both of us. I want the analyst to put my passion into perspective. I want to learn about the game from the analyst. Like I do from Ray Knight; it's just too bad he's so arrogantly unlikeable. But at least Bob Carpenter salvages the broadcast.

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