Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nyjer Morgan Was Right

The Marlins threw behind Nyjer Morgan because he stole two bases. With the Nats down 11 runs, Morgan was hit by Marlins starting pitcher Chris Volstad in the 4th. Morgan then stole second and third.

Morgan's next at bat, Volstad threw behind him. Morgan took umbrage with being thrown at for the second time in two at bats, chucked his bat, ran after Volstad, and threw a jumping left hook at the pitcher. Gabby Sanchez came in and clotheslined Morgan (and should be suspended for it). Third base coach Pat Listach, ran in, knocked down, and then pinned Volstad. The benches cleared and not much happened afterwards.

Apparently, there is an argument that Morgan's two stolen bases in the fourth were reason enough for Volstad to throw at him again. I don't buy it. If there is an unwritten rule that you don't try to win if you're 11 runs down in the fourth inning, they should just call the game right there and then.

I hate this over-politeness in baseball. If you're losing, you should try to win anyway possible. Morgan manufactured a run, which helped his team. How is that showing up the other team? Honestly, even if it was the Marlins baserunners stealing bases when up 11 runs in the fourth, I wouldn't have a problem with it. There's no clock in baseball. No lead is ever truly safe.

Morgan had injured the Marlin catcher last night and was paid back when Volstad hit him in the fourth. All was even. Morgan then tried to give his team the best chance at making a comeback. Volstad was completely in the wrong for throwing at Nyjer a second time and the plucky little centerfield was justified in charging the behemoth hurler, who had used a baseball as a weapon against him twice.

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