Friday, August 27, 2010

Yuri Foreman's Cousin

Last Tuesday, I was at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida for a boxing card. After the rather uneventful series of matches (All I learned was that a guy named Timur from Uzbekistan will always beat anyone from India [zing! Historical joke]), I went into the casino.

A man playfully asked if I wanted him to move away from the slot machine where he was sitting because "Some people prefer a particular machine" and I said no. I turned and sat down a couple of slots away from him.

He then asked, "Are you Yuri Foreman's cousin or something?" I realized I was wearing my Yuri Foreman shirt. I retorted, "No, just a fan."

My first thought was #1 Wow, someone actually recognized that it was Yuri Foreman shirt. I've had the shirt for two years and that's the first time anyone has even mentioned anything to me. The second thought that came to me was #2 Why would he assume I'm related to Yuri Foreman just because I got the shirt. What, he doesn't have any fans?

Yuri Foreman, even after fighting two rounds on a torn ACL, still gets no respect.

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