Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Spill

The World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain showed the bad side of soccer. At times it can be a great sport. I even want to follow it. But then there are games like this one that make me glad I'm American and don't care.

Soccer players are perceived as theatrical and flamboyant. Sure, NBA players flop, but they don't roll around on the ground after being touched (except for Paul Pierce). The final was deemed "physical." It's a ridiculous characterization. Players hit the ground and rolled like the stadium was on fire. There was very little physicality and a lot of acting.

There were very few chances. One of the rare opportunities to score occurred when the Netherlands simply tried to give the ball back to Spain in a sporting manner. The Spanish goalie had to make the save. And who is David Villa kidding. There are tens of millions of Davids in the world, why does he get to change the pronunciation?

Rarely do I even get bored in life, but conservative offense and tons of diving do not an interesting soccer match make.

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