Saturday, July 10, 2010

LeBron Criticism Unfair

My heart wanted him to go to New York. My head wanted him to stay in Cleveland. Perhaps only my taint wanted him to go to that sweaty cesspool known as Miami.

LeBron James's move to Miami tells us a lot about him. But it doesn't tell us that he's a heartless monster. It doesn't tell us that he's a sellout. It doesn't tell us that he's selfish.

With LeBron James leaving Cleveland, it has been said that the immediate area surrounding the arena will lose millions of dollars per year. Jobs will be lost. Somehow, LeBron is being blamed for that. The finger should be pointed directly at the lousy Cleveland fans, who only back a winner. Look at the Indians; they're doing terrible at the gate because they're doing terrible in the win column. No one knew better than Art Modell how fickle the Cleveland fan is. LeBron was even booed in the conference semis. Don't cry for Cleveland.

His move to Miami tells us that LeBron doesn't want to be the backbone of a city. He doesn't want the pressure of having to stack up against Kobe. He wants to win. You can call him chicken or humble, depending on your opinion of him. LeBron wants to play with good players. He doesn't want to shoulder it all alone. He isn't in it only for the money. He isn't in it only for his ego either.

The above attributes can be construed as negative or positive- though there's probably a lot of gray- but the defamation he has endured since his announcement has been unfair. I'm not sure the trio of LeBron, Wade, and Bosh will work, but it's a far more interesting topic that merely villainizing LeBron James.

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