Monday, July 26, 2010

Fight Club

"Let's welcome out newest member, George. Now George, you must remember the first rule of Fight Club. Never mention Fight Club."

"What's the second rule of Fight Club?"
"Dammit Dan, you just broke the first rule of Fight Club. You do that every time we have a new member. Frankly, I'm sick of your behavior. You never contribute to the after-fight party. Where are the Ring Dings, Dan? Do you see any Ring Dings? I have you down for Ring Dings, but there are no Ring Dings, are there Dan? There are never any Ring Dings. I don't even know what a Ring Ding is, because you never bring them."

"And I've never seen you in a fight. You always find some excuse to get out of fighting. All you do is take pictures, which I'm pretty sure is against the rules, and I know will come back to haunt us. It's fucking unacceptable, Dan."
"What is?"
"All of it, Dan. I motion to propose a vote to remove Dan's membership. Who seconds it?"

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